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Frequently Asked Questions

"Is it possible to predict the outcomes of corporate decisions with any degree of certainty?"
Yes, with sufficient and accurate numerical data, the likelihood of an event can be predicted through a statistical model.

"Are these predictions accurate?"
Yes and their chance of occurring can be based on a percentage.

"Are these predictions perfect?"

"How can a corporation use these accurate predictions?"
The wisdom and intuition of experienced managers and executives within a corporation represents irreplaceable value. The collective knowledge of company decision makers will be enhanced by the addition of predictive analytics resulting in more profits.

Big data, uniquely analyzed through the privately developed algorithms of ...dorfstats, adds strength to executive decision-making within important areas. It becomes the sharpest arrow in the archer's quiver, including:

• Prediction of Future Prices for Commodities, Agribusiness Products, Energy, & Financial Indexes
• Analysis & Prediction of Proprietary Trends within Marketing & Sales
• Analysis & Trends of Competitors Pricing & Revenue